Support your local Bookseller

(And where you can find paperback copies of my books locally!)


Why would an author with eBooks and print-on-demand paperbacks available through the world’s largest bookstore, Amazon, recommend that readers also support their local bookstores?

Don’t get me wrong! I have nothing against eBooks. They offer convenient, affordable reading experiences. You can change the font, text size, page color, and many other things to your liking. You can carry a whole library around in your pocket! Ebooks are great!

In my opinion, though, they’ll never replace physical books. A hardback or paperback book ranks right up there with coconut cream pie and dark roast coffee! You can touch it, smell it. You could even taste it if you really wanted to (but I wouldn’t advise doing so). There’s nothing quite like the feel of holding a book and turning the page to see what happens next.

So, it stands to reason that physical bookstores are the repository of physical books. But they’re so, so much more than that. Local bookshops are precious community resources. They’re a haven of quiet and peace in a hectic world full of deadlines and gridlock traffic. Time slows down in a bookstore, as people come together to breathe in the unique atmosphere of literary dignity. The same could probably be said of libraries too, and you’ll get no argument from me. But bookstores hold fresh, new copies of the books, curated by the booksellers themselves. And you get to keep the books you choose.

For book lovers, bookstores are like art museums. You wander about slowly, walking up and down the aisles, gazing with awe and respect at the masterpieces all around you. In a bookstore, though, you can take the artwork down off the shelf, flip through it, examine it in detail, and even purchase it for your own private library.

So, by all means, purchase books through Amazon or other reputable online sources whenever it’s convenient and practical to do so. You’ll have the advantage of a massive selection, customer reviews, and fast shipping times. But don’t forget to do yourself a big favor; visit and support your local community bookseller. You’ll be glad you did!



You can find paperback copies of my books at the following local booksellers:


Lunar & Lake Book Market

The Lunar & Lake Book Market in downtown Fond du Lac is truly a breath of fresh air, providing a bright and comfortable reading space in the community.

Of course, they sell books, including local authors like myself, but also gift items and beautiful Book Art Bookmarks. These unique bookmarks, made by the owner Margaux, are the perfect literary accessory to enhance your reading experience. There’s a Book Art Bookmark that will pair perfectly with whatever book you’re reading. You’ll never feel the need to fold down the corner of a page again!





Lunar & Lake Book Market

74 South Main St.
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

(920) 933-3669





Caramel Crisp Cafe and Bookstore

Caramel Crisp Corner is an amazing place! It’s a cafe, a gift shop, a toy store, and a bookstore, all-in-one. Reminiscent of a Tardis, the store seems much bigger on the inside than it does on the outside!

Imagine browsing through the books as the aroma of freshly baked cookies and pies teases your senses. Caramel Crisp is kind enough to carry a nice selection of books by area writers, including my very own!





Caramel Crisp Corner

200 City Center D
Oshkosh, WI 54901

(920) 231 – 4540







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