A Southern Waters Adventure Prequel Short Story featuring Rex and Rose Fisher



The year is 1976.

Big Mac goes for seventy-five cents, a gallon of gas costs an average of fifty-nine cents, and television viewers thrill to the weekly adventures of The Six Million Dollar Man and Charlie’s Angels.

On Florida’s Emerald Coast, a young couple struggle to keep their dreams afloat. Anniversaries are supposed to be joyful occasions, marking milestones in our lives that we can look back on with fond memories. But for Rex and Rose Fisher, the future is far from certain. Successfully operating their own scuba diving business is proving more stressful than they realized.

Will they look back on their approaching anniversary with joyful memories, or with bitter feelings of regret? And what impact might the course of their lives have on other people, even years later?

The short story, “Anniversary Blues” features Rex and Rose Fisher, first introduced in the novel Endangered Species. It’s a great introduction to the Southern Waters Adenture Series and is available for FREE to subscribers of the Southern Waters Community Newsletter. The free eBook also includes a bonus sample chapter from the first book in the series, Endangered Species. Sign up below to get your free copy!


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