Nate Littlefield draws on his lifelong passion for the marine environment, combining the craft of storytelling, to create the Southern Waters Adventure Series. An avid scuba diver, he enjoys most any activity that is on, under, or around the water.

Nate spent his youth alternating between his native state of Florida and visiting relatives in Wisconsin, USA. The dual perspective of the warm salty waters and white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, and the beautiful freshwater lakes and rivers of Wisconsin and Florida, nurtured his love for the underwater world. Nate works to share this love with others through his writing.

Like many writers, Nate has a diverse background of experience. He has enjoyed a career in the private security field as a professional security officer, field supervisor, facility security manager, and scheduling officer. He has worked as a custodian/janitor, a municipal property inspector and code enforcement officer, and even for a coastal seafood company, processing and delivering fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico.

Nate has enjoyed creative writing since his early school years. When not reading adventure books, he often occupied himself by making up and writing stories, mostly about sea monsters. His first widely published short story, “The Troll Under the Bridge,” appeared in the final issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy magazine. His independently published Southern Waters Adventure Series of novels are currently available in eBook and paperback.

Nate is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, the Florida Writer’s Association, and the Wisconsin Writer’s Association. He currently makes his home in central Florida with his lovely wife and two rescue cats.






Photos courtesy of Luis Sifuentes, Aquarella Images


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